Santoshi Mata Mandir

Santoshi Mata Mandir​​ - BEST PLACE TO VISIT IN JODHPUR​

Santoshi Mata Mandir is the best place to visit in Jodhpur & and the center of attraction of the Jodhpur Sightseeing Tour. So if you are planning a Jodhpur city tour then contact us. Santoshi Mata Mandir in Jodhpur is a revered Hindu temple, dedicated to the goddess Santoshi, attracting devotees seeking blessings.

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Jodhpur’s only temple of Santoshi Mata where the Mother herself appeared…devotees from abroad also come for darshan.

There is a fair-like atmosphere in the temple every Friday. Only jaggery and gram / guud aur chana (गुड़ और चना) are offered to the Mother Goddess as Prasad. People believe that this temple believes that only those the mother calls come here for darshan.

There is only such temple of Santoshi Mata in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, where Santoshi Mata had appeared. Thousands of people reach here every Friday. Even people from abroad come here to have darshan of Mata. The temple of Santoshi Mata, amidst the natural hills behind the agricultural market on Mandore Road, Jodhpur, is considered as Shakti Peeth in the entire country. This is the only temple in the country where the idol of Santoshi Mata was revealed. Surrounded by natural beauty amidst the rocks, the main sanctum of the temple is seen casting an umbrella over the idol of Mata like Sheshnag in the rocks of the planet. Akhand Jyot Havan and Kirtan are organized all the time in this temple.

Mother appeared herself

There is a fair like atmosphere in the temple every Friday. Only jaggery and gram / guud aur chana (गुड़ और चना) are offered to the Mother Goddess as Prasad. Temple trustee Jagdish Sankhla told that this temple has a belief that only those who are called by the mother come here to have darshan and their wishes are fulfilled. Sankhla told that this temple is centuries old. By observing Santoshi Maa fast one gets the desired results. In the scriptures, Ganesha is in the form of a daughter, this mother is Santoshi Yoga Maya. There is no idol of Mata here but there is a statue emerging from the mountains. Here, Bhagat Udaram Sankhla, resident of Chandpol, went to his Guru and the Guru asked where he was going. He said, I am going to Lalsagar. At that time there was no way to reach the top of the hill.

How did the name Santoshi come about?

On the day of Ashtami, when Havan was to be performed in Mata’s temple, Bhagat Udaram ji returned from the way. Then Santoshi Mata spoke to the sky and told Jagdish Ojha that the Ashtami Havan of my devotee has to be completed. Jagdish reached Santoshi Mata temple at night with a lantern. Then the havan took place at 2:00 in the night. After the havan, Bhagat Udaram started doing puja at 5:00 in the morning. During this, Mata appeared in person, then Santoshi Mata asked Bhagat Udaram, what do you want? Then Bhagat Udaram said, Mother, if you want to give me something then do good to this world, then Bhagat Udaram asked mother by what name should I call you, then I said that my devotee is so Santoshi, so call me Santoshi. After saying this, Bhagat told that mother gave him strength equal to 100 elephants. In this way, it is believed in this temple that only those whom the mother calls come to visit.

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