HRS Tours Automation Booking Process in Steps

Here’s a step-by-step outline of the HRS Tours automation booking process, from start to end:

Step 1:

HRS & Renter Discussion: Initially, HRS Tours and the renter will discuss and finalize the complete trip plan, including Date of Journey, Number of Days, Rent of the Vehicle, Total Km given, Security deposit, etc. The details of this agreed-upon plan will then be shared with the renter in the form of a link, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding before the journey commences.

Step 2:

Share Trip Information Link: After finalizing renter trip plan, HRS Tours will provide with a comprehensive Trip Information Link detailing all aspects of journey. This link will include the date of your journey, the number of days, vehicle details (including vehicle number), rental information (advance and due amounts), total kilometers, and other relevant information. This comprehensive summary ensures that renter have all the necessary information for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience with HRS Tours. And the renters are to fill out this link.

Step 3:

Fill the Share Trip Information Link: After reviewing the provided link, which contains comprehensive trip details, the renter will need to complete and submit this link with their information, including address, mobile number, alternate contact number, email ID, driver’s license number, and upload an original driving license and photo ID proof. All submitted information must be accurate and authentic to ensure a seamless rental experience with HRS Tours.

Step 4:

Get Booking Confirmed Mail: Once the renter has submitted the required information through the provided Trip Information link, they will receive a booking confirmation email at the uploaded email ID (in this mail, the renter will get a vehicle confirmation link that will be password protected). The individual who uploaded the documents will be responsible for any incidents involving the vehicle. It is important to note that once the renter’s information is updated in the HRS Tours system, no refunds will be issued. This policy ensures transparency and accountability, providing a seamless and secure experience for all parties involved.

In that mail, the renter will get Customer ID for further booking.

NOTE: In that mail, Renter will get complete HRS self-drive T&C, just read before starting trip plan.

Step 5:

Vehicle Confirmation Link: After submitting the trip information link, the renter will promptly receive a booking confirmation email containing comprehensive details of their trip plan. In that mail, the renter will get all the information about his/her trip plan and will get contact information for the person who will hand over the vehicle He’ll also check all the original documents.

To get vehicle confirmation password-protected link, access your email inbox and locate the HRS Booking Confirmed email. Click on the provided vehicle confirmation email, open it, and click the link.

  • Enter the vehicle’s current meter reading.
  • Enter the required security deposit amount.
  • Upload a clear picture showing both the vehicle and the meter reading.

Before final submission, ensure all fields on the confirmation screen are accurately filled out. Take a moment to review the entered information to ensure accuracy. Click the submit button to successfully finalize the booking. This systematic approach ensures a smooth and secure transaction process with HRS Tours.

Step 6:

Trip End Link: In the Vehicle Confirmation email, the renter will receive a password-protected link essential for concluding their trip. This link must be accessed in the presence of an HRS team member. It enables the renter to enter critical details such as the trip end meter reading, drop point, drop time, and any other relevant information required to finalize the rental agreement. This process is vital to ensure the accurate completion of the trip and facilitate a seamless experience with HRS Tours, maintaining clarity and accountability throughout the rental period. This is a very important process to end trip.

This automated booking process with HRS Tours ensures efficiency, transparency, and reliability from beginning to end, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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